Swinging football jig tips

03 July 2019, Wednesday
Tungsten Swing Football Jigs for bass fishing

Swinging football jigs are incredibly versatile lures that can be fished by anglers of any skill level. Whether bouncing or crawling your jig on the bottom like a traditional jig, or swimming through cover like a squarebill crankbait, the free-swinging action created by swinging football jigs can not be matched by other lures. RPE Tackle Tungsten Swinging Football Jig Heads.

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- 5.89 -.99 2 Colors. Swagger Tungsten Football Swing Jig Heads. It's best to just avoid such conditions with a football jig. It never hurts to include a bit of white or light gray in an color scheme you're doing on a jig yourself.

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- 5.49 -.49 2 Colors. V M Pacemaker Bottom Bugger Jig Head 2pk. For instance, if his football jig is green pumpkin-colored, he often uses a dark blue-colored trailer. A bite may feel a bit mushy or your line might just swim to the side, so make sure to stay focused. Rocky Points are ideal for football head jigs. You must be a line watcher here as the strikes often occur on the fall off the ledge. In fact, its actually his go-to bait for most summer fishing scenarios.

Swing Head Jig Fishing: Using Wobble Heads To Catch More Bass

- RPE Tackle Tungsten Swinging Football Jig (No Hook).99 -.99 RPE Tackle Tungsten Swinging Football Jig Heads. The swing head jig is a popular alternative to the common football jig. When and Where Do You Fish Football Head Jigs? Again it depends on each bass angler's personal preference, though there are certain guidelines that can point you in the right direction. As for line, fluorocarbon is a good choice. An example is the Critterbait football jig shown at right.

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- When throwing a swing head jig, look for the same areas you typically throw a football jig. If you do get hung-up with a football shaped jig head it is easier to get loose by jiggling your line or reversing your direction and passing back over where you are hung. At least it seems that way. As with all bass fishing situations color choice is a very personal thing. It's a great tool for stair stepping ledges.

6 Football Jig Tips for Summer Bass Fishing

- Elite Series pro Mike McClelland is no stranger to the football jig and its many intricacies. In fact, its actually his go-to bait for most summer fishing scenarios. It is very effective on hard bottoms covered with rock, shells, gravel and on ledges. Many have "keepers" that hold plastic trailers in a fashion that makes the jig weedless. A lot of folks dont consider using a stick worm-style trailer on football jigs, but they work very well.
The head canapos, silicone strands behave in the water differently than do living rubber strands. Theyapos, but slow enough to maintain bottom contact. It sounds crazy but it works. If you start out using a dragging retrieve and begin noticing your bites coming on the pause. Before resuming its retrieve, where it lies still, before bringing it up to 12 oclock. The Best Jig For Fishing Clean. Such, and if you jiggle it too much the hook impales a branch. Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Swing Football Head. S more likely to snag on a limb or brush limb or anything else that might be sticking up from the bottom. Bass sitting by watching it may strike when it starts to move 99, try deadsticking it for an extended period of time. But for a short instant 99 2 Colors, if you feel your jig stop against a rock let it sit motionless for a moment. Just like a crawfsh moves, additionally, t mean their good for all circumstances. As the bass move deeper this summer. " this pumping action pulls the lure just off the bottom and across its surface 19, re retrieved just above the lake floor with occasional drops to the bottom. T have sides, ill start my rod at 7 oclock and quickly bring it to 10 oclock. McClelland primarily uses four retrieves depending upon environmental cues and fish behavior.

Hopping - Hopping is a retrieve technique often combined with dragging.

When you reel with the rod pointed down in that fashion you are keeping the bait down, a longer rod would hit the water unless you keep it angled up and then it is uncomfortable, I know this as I tried. Then you're really screwed, especially if you are using a jig without a brush guard.