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21 July 2019, Sunday
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Two double cheeseburgers, one diet coke and a large fry will not give you a quicker first step, harder shot or keener hockey sense. Allow your body to perform at its best with a nutritious, well-balanced diet. Read the Liquid Truth article in this weeks newsletter for more information and tips on how to stay hydrated. Dont add any unnecessary anxiety to the week. Tryout Tips, these tips are written specifically for those boys and girls 7 -14 years of age trying out for a variety of Travel Teams, their parents and the Representative/Travel Team coaches.

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- Here are five things to focus on when kids are getting ready to showcase their skills on the ice. As far as ice hockey skills are concerned, skaters should use the offseason to work on power skating, puck-handling, shooting, and passing. Further, if youre a goalie and there are already two (or more) returning/skilled goalies, you might be best served looking for a different team. There is no question you should select at least 75 of the team based on their overall skill set which includes skating, shooting, passing, puck handling, and hockey. Tryouts will almost surely start with some dynamic stretching, but theres no harm in doing a bit of individual stretching with any extra time you have before they open the rink. This will reduce your stress and allow you the focus you need. Maybe you are fighting to move up to (or stay on) the AAA squad. .

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- Goalies should work on their angles, balance, and reflexes. Being a rink rat is the best way to work on these basic skills. Stay relaxed, pay attention to the coaches, play unselfishly, ask questions whenever youre confused, and give it your all. Dont do that, work hard every rep! You can have the players subdivided into small groups and have someone to take care of each group and run the activities for you. The offseason is an ideal time to work on conditioning and skills. Further, coaches like team players.

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- Yes, tryouts are important, but tough for any hockey coach. If youre a coach whos nearing the time for tryouts, here are 5 tips to help you make them smooth and successful. In addition, coaches often deal with anxious and upset parents and players. Focus on the Players.

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- Plan Everything; The most important step to making sure your tryouts run smoothly is to plan the entire thing beforehand. 5 hockey drills for your youth hockey tryout, evaluating Players This segment will include tips on what to look and listen for, tips for evaluating goalies, printable evaluation sheets, and the 3 types of players that you need on your team. For coaches, hockey tryouts are a ton of work. Being a rink rat is the best way to work on these basic skills.  Did I give everyone a fair shot? The Day of Tryouts, the first step on the morning of tryouts is eating a balanced and healthy breakfast. If the choice comes down to you and another player, your good attitude might be what tips the scale.

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- Lets face it, anyway you slice it tryouts are the lifeblood of a hockey team. Whether you are holding a week-long training camp or a few isolated evaluation skates, tryouts are the foundation upon which your season will be built. Its not all politics. For more information on improving your overall physical fitness, check out the fitness guides here on iSport. If you do all of these things, youll have maximized your chances of making the team.
Be done with, chris Glionna has seen his fair share of hockey tryouts. Many Canadian teams will start holding tryout camps in late August and many American teams wont be far behind starting in September. In a conversation with USA, this extra time gives you an opportunity to stretch and get dressed. Yes, here are a few tips that may help you stand out during this years tryouts. Be a good listener, if the coach is talking, in fact. This can be a stressful time for young players. Hell I didnt even get cut it was my first year as a head coach and I was the disorganized one running the tryout. You are looking right at him. I didnt have the intensity or energy that I needed. Youre your session is over, parents will want to talk to you about their kids. Coaches would much rather you ask a question and get clarification on a drill instead of just guessing and getting it wrong. Never be the last one on the ice or the first one off. When you interview players ask them if they play other sports and how long they have been playing hockey. You will appreciate what I am about to say the coach this goes for your teachers too sees everything. Even while the tryouts are going. Something wasnt right, this will allow you to breathe a little easier when things are running. I did not bring my Agame, however if you make the team some of these guys will be your teammates in a few days. I didnt fall all over the ice or complain about the net being regulation size.

You see as you play at higher levels it gets tougher for the coach to decide who he is going to select based on play alone. .

Get your homework done early and find a routine that works.

For many players, tryouts are more difficult than actual games. 2008 tryouts were a different story. Why would you play if youre not having fun?

Next up, its time to pack your hockey bag. Your mind needs to recoup and recover, too.